RFID matters…

5 03 2016

So we are finally RFID-tagging our library. Better late than never! A few thoughts on our experiences. Unlike many other libraries who had the luxury of being able to hire a company to do this, we’ve had to use our existing staff resource due to a lack of funding availability. We’re looking at tagging something around 150,000 items over three floors on one site.

We opted to use teams of two people in order to reduce the boredom factor. Everyone from the top down is involved and gets at least a weekly one-hour slot on the rota. We’ve exceeded expectations in terms of throughput and are getting about 5,000 items per week tagged. The funny thing about it is that it is strangely therapeutic sticking tags on books when you do other more cerebral activities for the remainder of the week. It also aids greatly in staff communication and you discover things about the library that you never knew. Anyway, if that helps anyone else that has to sell this to their staff, so much the better.

The other thing we had to do was to gauge the right time to start tagging books that were being returned. We opted to do this about 3 months in to a 10 month project which was probably a little late. It is surprising how much stuff gets tagged via that route. You do however have to be careful not to re-tag a book which was returned to the shelf following this. I’ve done it myself once or twice and was sent to stand in the corner!




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