The Future of HE Libraries and Rights Clearance

21 12 2016

Very excitingly, my book chapter on “Using Technology to Make More Digital Content Available to All” has now been published in “The End of Wisdom? The Future of Libraries in a Digital Age.”.


“The future of HE libraries will include taking a much more active part in helping its institution to navigate through the difficulty of rights clearance in order that they can publish content with as open a licence as is possible whilst conforming with the risk appetite of their institution. Traditionally, the response to this issue has been that it has been felt that it is not pragmatic to do this for various tranches of content which therefore remain closed and whose rights status are essentially deemed to be unquantifiable.

 The IOE has seen a vast increase in rights handling work in the last few years and the trend seems set for this to increase. Examples of this are the move towards OA for publication of research outputs expected for the next REF, digital archives, retrospective digitisation of theses, and preservation of Official Publications in education from the Web. This gives an institution a strategic imperative to increase its resources to deal with this work and where better to do so than the library in which much expertise exists already?”

The chapter then discusses some innovative techniques we used to help us with this problem. As I stated to begin with, this is only to whet your appetite. More will be revealed later.